Nov 30, 2009

uWSGI reaches the 0.9.3 Milestone

uWSGI project [1] reaches the 0.9.3 milestone. You can review the complete announcement [2] on the mailing list  and download the code here [3]

This new release brings some new exiting features :

- Nginx 0.7.x module
- configuration via python module
- support (non-standard) for Python 3.x
- Twisted client resource adapter
- graceful restart of worker processes and hot-plug substitution/upgrade
of the uWSGI server
- shared memory area to share data between workers/processes
- Tomcat handler
- support for virtualenv

In this post [4] I have covered the usage of both the "configuration via a python module" and the "virtualenv support".

uWSGI allows you to run your favorite wsgi application on top of prefered web server (apache, cherokee or nginx).